Face oil mixology!

I am borrowing a word from the world of cocktails to capture just how much fun it can be to experiment with essential oils and carrier oils to create beautiful treatments for your skin! If you have never created your own skincare products, you might want to experiment with designing a face oil based on your skin’s unique needs and the scents that you enjoy. Mixing face oils is an easy way to dip your toes in natural skincare without the stress of melting beeswax or blending up grains.

Aromatherapy face oils are a wonderful way to add a luxurious touch to the practice of facial massage. Essential oils have physical properties that can improve skin conditions and the emotional qualities of an oil can create a ritual that addresses stress, anxiety and mood. Rose essential oil, for example, is a lovely oil to use for dry skin and it has the added benefit of softening and opening the heart centre.

My favourite essential oils are the more floral ones like rose, chamomile and neroli but it’s difficult to find blends that include JUST the florals. Typically, “floral” blends will include additional oils like geranium (a floral, but not a scent I love on my skin) or frankincense (which has many benefits for skin but isn’t a favourite aroma of mine!). Since it is so easy to blend essential oils and because I was so intrigued by prickly pear seed oil after Annelise brought it up during our face yoga training, I decided to make my own face oil. Being able to handpick the oils leads me into why you might want to create your own blends!

Why become a “face oil mixologist”?

  • you have control over what to include, the concentration of the oil, and the quality of the ingredients.
  • you may save money by creating your own blend (depending on the ingredients you choose!)
  • you can customize the oil based on what your skin needs or by what season of the year it is (a richer oil in winter, for example)
  • you can create lovely gifts for friends 💗

What do you need to create face oil blends?

  • carrier oils (such as jojoba, argan and coconut oil)
  • essential oils
  • clean dropper bottles (ideally dark, but I couldn’t resist getting these rose gold ones from Amazon!)
  • a small funnel & measuring spoons

What types of carrier oils?

Carrier oils form the base of the face oil and there are many different ones to choose from, depending on what your skin needs and how much you wish to spend.

  • Coconut oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) is a moisturizing oil that smells lovely and is quite neutral. It’s the one that works the best for my skin.
  • Rosehip oil is a thicker, amber-toned oil that is great for sun damage and aging skin. Some studies have found it improves wound healing.
  • Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and very nourishing for the skin. It has been found to improve qualities of aging skin.
  • Jojoba oil is actually a wax that is similar to skin’s own sebum. It is a light and neutral oil that is great for sensitive skin.

There are many other oils available but these, to me, are the best for the face!

Essential Oils

You will need much less of an essential oil when you create a blend, but the oils are very concentrated and can be very expensive! Here are the essential oils I love for skin:

  • Rose oil: a beautifully scented oil that helps to reduce redness in the skin, has an antiseptic quality, and that reduces dryness. It’s gorgeous and I love including just 2-3 drops for a lovely honey-scented floral scent and the heart-opening qualities. I use the rose touch from Doterra, which is already diluted with coconut oil. Still, even a few drops is enough.
  • Neroli oil: this is another oil that is wonderful for dry skin with a heavenly floral aroma. The oil comes from orange blossoms and reduces anxiety, perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. I am currently using Living Libations neroli oil.
  • Roman Chamomile oil: chamomile is an incredibly gentle oil that can be used on children, and is known to calm skin and nerves at the same time. It can help to reduce redness and moisturize. I have Doterra’s Roman chamomile oil, which is one of the more reasonable floral oils!
  • Ylang ylang oil: another sweet floral that can be beneficial for skin, in addition to other perks like reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation and calming anxiety. It smells very tropical and I also use Doterra’s version of this oil.
  • Frankincense: so this one isn’t a floral and I really do hate the smell, but…if you don’t mind it, it’s an amazing oil for aging skin as it is said to regenerate and rejuvenate skin. It is a very healing oil but I just don’t love it!

Bonus additions!

  • Prickly pear seed oil – the new “it” oil which promises to calm irritation and reduce fine lines through its high concentration of vitamin E and vitamin K. I love it – it has no scent, it’s light, but it really leaves my skin glowing! I have the Divine Essences version of the oil.
  • Borage oil is a lovely oil, rich in GLA (essential fatty acids that our skin drinks up) that you can add to boost hydration in the skin. I just break open a capsule and add it to the blend.


  • Ideally, store your oil blends in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and – from experience – label the oils with the exact ingredients!
  • Use 4-5 drops on damp skin after washing your face and do a lovely little massage. You can then apply moisturizer or sunscreen and then maybe even add 1-2 more drops of the oil to any dry spots over your moisturizer.
  • Pay attention to how your skin feels. You may need to adjust the oils or choose different ingredients to make your skin happy.


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