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  • Sunscreen Essentials – in honour of National Sunscreen Day! ☀️

    If you know me well, you probably know how devoted I am to sun protection. I’ve worn sunscreen daily for at least twenty years (and back then it wasn’t as easy to do, with sunscreens not yet being as beautifully formulated as they are now!). I wear sunscreen every day for the purely vain reason…

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  • essential children’s books: part II

    Following up on my first post all about some wonderful children’s books, I thought I would share a few more titles that are classic and fun books to share with your little ones! These ones are more recent so should be easy to find at any library or bookshop. Let’s Play Monsters by Lucy Cousins…

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  • loving the way you look

    In a survey done by Dove in 2015, only 4% of women said they would use the word beautiful to describe themselves. That means that 96% of women would NOT describe themselves using the word beautiful! I must have missed this survey when it first came out but imagine it made a splash. It makes…

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  • the “loneliness epidemic” and how group fitness can help – featuring Lauren George!

    I think we’ve all felt loneliness at some point over the last three years. Being asked to stop seeing friends, attending church and school, and lose connections with our communities (big or small) goes against the very nature of being human. It may come as no surprise then to read, just in the last few…

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  • the benefits of face routines

    My husband often describes me as what marketers might call “a whale” – when I find something I love, such as a beauty product, I go in full force and probably boost the revenue like crazy (sorry Bram!). The trouble is that I’m always finding new products to love…so, technically, I don’t think it fits…

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  • essential children’s books, part I

    essential children’s books, part I

    I think every librarian has a list of books filed away in their head to read with their future children. I certainly did! Even if you just love to read, you probably have your own list of books that: I thought it might be fun to write some posts about the books that, in my…

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