Some interesting new studies on health & fitness

crop sportswoman with fitness mat
crop sportswoman with fitness mat
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Many new studies on fitness are published each month but only the very flashy or shocking ones seem to ever make it to the news. You might remember an earlier post about how I try to stay on top of new research by setting up alerts to my email – this is a great way to find out what’s new and exciting in the world of exercise. Les Mills also publishes a monthly newsletter –“Fit Planet” – that you can sign up to receive; it includes findings from their own research and findings from the broader world of exercise science.

Here are a few interesting studies from the past few weeks covering everything from the importance of. movement for strong immunity in pre-schoolers, to the importance of DHA for professional football players. I love learning more about exercise science and the implications the research can have for all of us!

‘Coffee with Milk May Have an Anti-Inflammatory Effect’. ScienceDaily,

It was fun to read about this study, showing that adding dairy to coffee can have a positive effect on inflammation – this is contrary to what we often hear about dairy and I do love cream and milk in my coffee!

Lust, Cody A. C., et al. ‘The Dose-Response Effect of Docosahexaenoic Acid on the Omega-3 Index in American Football Athletes’. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Jan. 2023. PubMed,

Concussions, head injuries, and cardiac issues have been big issues in football and this study showed that within 8 weeks, optimal levels of DHA can reach the blood of professional football players. Based on other research, this means they would be better protected in the event of traumatic head injuries or cardiac episodes. A reminder that we ALL probably need more omega oils in our diets!

Ostrzyżek-Przeździecka, Katarzyna, et al. ‘Association of Low Physical Activity with Higher Respiratory Tract Infections Frequency among Pre-School Children’. Pediatric Research, Jan. 2023. PubMed,

This might be my favourite new research and huge incentive to get kids moving more often! In this study, researchers found a link between how many steps a child gets and how long they were sick with upper respiratory tract infections. It may explain why my middle child (a busy, busy, busy boy) is rarely sick…we always joke that if we put a FitBit on him it might implode.

Pandey, Ashok, et al. ‘Impact of Yoga on Global Cardiovascular Risk as an Add-On to a Regular Exercise Regimen in Patients With Hypertension’. Canadian Journal of Cardiology, vol. 39, no. 1, Jan. 2023, pp. 57–62.,

In this study, a 3-month exercise training program (30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5x/week plus 15 minutes of yoga OR stretching) was found to improve resting blood pressure and heart rate. It’s interesting because the stretching group did not demonstrate the same level of improvement!

Hope you enjoyed these studies! Be sure to always check out the full study on PubMed, whenever you can so that you can see the full research.

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