What is Balletone? Discover Cardio that you will fall in love with!

I first heard about Balletone at a Barre Above training at CanFitPro in August of 2018. The Barre Above training with Tricia Madden was amazing and I learned so much about barre but also about how to create a great environment in a class and create connections with members. Then another training – Balletone – was mentioned. My curiosity was piqued! I danced for many years and loved ballet with its graceful movements and strength. Alas, there didn’t seem to be any trainings in Canada!

10 months later, in the grips of the COVID ‘lockdown’, I discovered that there would be an online Balletone training – the first one ever! It was an absolutely lovely training by Elizabeth Lenart (Balletone Program Director) and Lauren George (Balletone Master Trainer). Despite never having taken a Balletone class I KNEW I would love it. Balletone is one of the most engaging formats that I have ever taught. I love that it’s accessible to all ages and fitness levels but still a challenging, sweaty, cardio workout. Here’s my own Fitbit heart rate from a Balletone/Blend class. I’m always amazed by the results for my ❤︎


  • is a low-impact cardio workout best performed barefoot (*but no judgment if you prefer shoes!)
  • is designed for all ages and fitness levels
  • is great for strengthening the heart and toning your entire body
  • uses a variety of music so that you can forget you are working out and just have fun!

Are you interested in learning more about Balletone? Please send me an email or comment below! 💕

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