#librariantip – how I stay on top of new studies and publications on fitness!

An easy way to stay current!

Are you interested in a simple way to stay current on new trends and research in fitness and health?

One of the easiest ways to streamline research of any kind is to set up “alerts” that will direct new search results, journal publications, news articles, and more to your email. As an academic librarian, I will often show students (especially graduate students) how to set up search and journal alerts so that new articles and research will be delivered to their emails (usually 1x a day or 1x a week is ideal).

New fitness studies are always hitting the headlines – you can have these delivered to your inbox by setting up a Google alert and choosing Google News as the source:

using quotes will group the words together, making the search more precise

If you really love to read the full research study, you can always link out to the official paper (if it’s included in the article) or search up the research study on PubMed. If you LOVE reading the research BEFORE it hits the news, you could always set up an alert in PubMed:

I also love keeping track of new books in the area of fitness and exercise. There are a few ways to do this:

Hope this can help you stay on top of some exciting new fitness trends and research!


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