Yoga for Barre workout

I’ve been wanting to create a yoga flow that would help barre newbies to develop flexibility in the hips and shoulders PLUS include some delicious stretches for regular barre enthusiasts who needed to recover from a tough barre workout.

This is a short (28 minute flow) that you can do after a class or on its own to build mobility and flexibility.

As a barre instructor I know it isn’t always easy or natural to find external rotation in our hips. When the hips are tight, I will often observe barre participants leaning forward in plié because it’s uncomfortable or impossible to move the hips very much in that position.

Similarly, the shoulders will round forward in barre or standing work because of our tendency to round forward as we work or live our daily lives. Strength in the upper back will come from barre and other workouts but it may need to include stretches that open up tight shoulders and chest muscles.

Hope you find this workout helpful! Leave me a comment or send me a message. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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