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  • The Value of Breathwork

    When you have the opportunity to watch a small child sleeping, it’s impossible to miss how peacefully they breathe. When my little ones are sleeping I will often gently place my hand on their back or kiss their cheek and smile if they softly exhale with a gentle sigh. Most children are lucky to have…

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  • Where is the sun? Or, the gloomiest time of the year…

    Where is the sun? Or, the gloomiest time of the year…

    “Where is the sun, Oh, clouds above meWhere are the birds that used to sing?Everything’s wrongOh, where is their song of love?” ~ Song by John Redmond and Lee David – famously sung by Billie Holiday January is emotionally such a tough month. Here in southern Ontario it is a month that is typically grey,…

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  • the year in exercise research – and trends for 2023!

    the year in exercise research – and trends for 2023!

    I LOVE reading the latest studies on fitness and health, even if the findings contradict what I believe and experience. Occasionally a study comes along that you think – really? this needed to be researched? (case in point: Facebook mom groups stress people out…we all knew this!) Among the many research articles that came out…

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  • roses…peace, beauty and an open heart

    roses…peace, beauty and an open heart

    If you know me, you probably already know that I adore roses. Everything about roses appeals to me, from the soft and sweet scent to the flavour. Roses remind me of tea leaves, the month of June, and the perfume I wore during university, Ralph Lauren Romance. I had pink roses in my wedding bouquet…

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  • Healthy Holiday Tips

    Healthy Holiday Tips

    We are now officially into December and the Season of Advent! It can be a beautiful time of year, with fairy lights and candles adding a glow to darker evenings, and an opportunity to revisit holiday traditions such as Christmas baking and cosying up for movies like White Christmas (one of my favourites!). It can…

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  • Eating healthy for less

    Eating healthy for less

    Before I had three kids and before inflation made food cost nearly triple what it did a few years ago(!), my grocery shops were typically filled with all kinds of lovely extras like magazines, new coffees (to test out), and organic everything. As much as I’d love to still shop that way, it’s completely unrealistic…

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