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  • Books I loved this month…

    Books I loved this month…

    for children: Tortoise and Hare This cute little children’s book is a definite great pick for little ones AND adults who need a reminder that a) we all move at different paces and b) it’s good to slow down if you are like the “hustle culture” hare in this story. 😄 Tortoise and Hare by…

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  • Collagen supplements – are they worth it? (examining the research)

    Collagen supplements – are they worth it? (examining the research)

    Even my husband, who is as removed as possible from wellness trends, has asked me about collagen. Collagen has become the go-to elixir for everything from skin to joints with endorsements from celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (who favours Vital Proteins) and Christie Brinkley (who swears by Biosil, a supplement that boosts collagen production). It’s not…

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  • Teas for happier skin

    Teas for happier skin

    If you know me well, you will know how much I love tea. Earl grey is my favourite, but any kind of tea from jasmine green tea to chamomile are near to my heart. There is something about the ritual of making tea that is calming and research has also shown that many different kinds…

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  • Books I’ve loved this month!

    It is so rare for me to carve out time to read anything more than a fitness magazine or a cookbook – something that is easily picked up and put down. Luckily, our recent holiday involved two long (5 hour) plane rides, which meant time to dig into two novels that I absolutely loved. My…

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  • Face Yoga – beauty, inside and out!

    Face Yoga – beauty, inside and out!

    Have you ever wondered about face yoga? In this post, I break down the benefits and some easy ways to add a few elements into your routine!

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  • Some interesting new studies on health & fitness

    Some interesting new studies on health & fitness

    Many new studies on fitness are published each month but only the very flashy or shocking ones seem to ever make it to the news. You might remember an earlier post about how I try to stay on top of new research by setting up alerts to my email – this is a great way…

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