Sunscreen Essentials – in honour of National Sunscreen Day! ☀️

If you know me well, you probably know how devoted I am to sun protection. I’ve worn sunscreen daily for at least twenty years (and back then it wasn’t as easy to do, with sunscreens not yet being as beautifully formulated as they are now!).

I wear sunscreen every day for the purely vain reason of wanting to keep my skin looking young. Sunscreen is THE best anti-aging product we can use because it prevents damage from UV rays and even allows the skin to heal prior damage. Dermatologists will often say that daily sunscreen use is the most economical and effective anti-wrinkle cream that you can use.

My tropical getaway essentials!

I became a convert to Beautycounter products when I discovered their sunscreens. Although I’m dedicated to daily sunscreen use, the chemical filters in sunscreens always made me feel uneasy. Filters like oxybenzone are often flagged as concerning for having the potential to be absorbed into our bodies and cause damage to the environment.

Chemical filters work by absorbing UV rays whereas physical filters (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) work by reflecting rays off the surface of the skin. For a long time, the physical blockers left a white cast on skin, making them unpleasant and heavy to use. Today they are so much better!

Beautycounter’s Countersun Daily Sheer Defense (SPF 25) for face is my favourite daily sunscreen. It’s light and moisturizing – it’s the last step in my skin care before makeup. Beautycounter sunscreens use non-nano zinc oxide for protection and this face lotion includes squalene and vitamin E for extra hydration.

Finding a sunscreen that you love and using it daily is one of the best ways to protect your skin from aging rays and the risk of skin cancer. Add extra protection with a wide brimmed hat and Jackie O sunglasses (and try to avoid mid-day sun if you can!).

Some other great physical sunblocks include Drunk Elephant’s Umbra sheer physical daily defense SPF 30 (it’s heavier than Beautycounter but nice for the winter when you need more moisture) and Supergoop’s mineral resetting powder (perfect to touch up sunscreen or use on your hair part).

My favourite hat in the summer!

There are also great natural bronzers and self-tanners to help you get a beautiful summery glow without damage. I recently bought Kora Organics Gradual Self-Tanner and it is quite lovely (and smells like lavender!)

So please do protect your skin this summer but also all year round! It’s playing the long game for beautiful skin that is healthy and glowing from within 💕

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